Hostgator vs iPage

Finding a low cost web host is easy. Finding a good low cost web host is a little trickier. To help you choose, here is a comparison of two of the best, Hostgator and iPage. Both hosts are robust, with full complements of tools and features.


iPage vs HostgatoriPage offers an unlimited hosting plan that provides everything for$1.99/month if you take advantage of their special offer. Do you want to add more pages to your site? No problem, you haveunlimited disk space. Are you planning to receive millions of visitors a month? iPage has you covered with unlimited bandwidth. Do you need to provide email addresses for your entire company (or large extended family)? The plan includes unlimited email addresses.

That is impressive enough, but you also get access to iPage’s easy to use site-building toolsand a free security suite – Sitelock Security Suite. Sitelock monitors for spam and malware (including threats like cross-site scripting), notifies you of problems, and removes malware when it finds it. If you already have a site using Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla, iPage can host it, or you can build a new site using those instead of iPages native site builder. After you build your site and secure it, iPage will help you promote it with up to $175 worth of marketing.
Hostgator vs ipage
iPage’s facilities are eco-friendly, powered entirely by wind energy.


Hostgator is a little different from iPage, but they also offer a plan with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It is a little more expensive, at $3.96/month. Hostgator allows unlimited email addresses, sub domains, and ftp accounts, if you need them, but do not allow multiple domains on their budget plan. Like iPage, they provide a site-building tool and a control panel for managing your site. If you already have or prefer a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal site, Hostgator can host those platforms. Like iPage, Hostgator offers credit towards the marketing of your site, but it is only $100 – $75 less than iPage.

The Hostgator control panel gives you access to a great deal of control over your site and its performance, including website statistics, instant shopping carts, and custom error pages.

Hostgator is also eco-friendly, getting all of its energy from renewable energy sources, primarily wind.


iPage and Hostgator are both excellent web hosts. They are very similar in what they offer, but iPage has the edge with its free SiteLock security, lower price, and greater marketing support. You cannot go wrong choosing iPage as your web host.

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