InMotion vs Dreamhost

InMotion vs DreamHost – Hosting Comparison – InMotion Review

InMotion vs HostGator

A website is integral to a company’s existence. With unprecedented dependence on internet marketing, online sales, online reputation and customer service, a company’s website needs to be state of the art, unique and it must be available all the time. The functioning of a website is entirely dependent on a webhosting company. Should you choose the right web hosting company, you will save money, have a plethora of features supporting your website, emails and the availability of your website at all times along with its ability to handle traffic will never be a concern.

Since there are many webhosting companies and various types of plans, you may find it difficult to make a choice. Here is a comprehensive InMotion Vs Dreamhost analysis to help you choose the better between the two.

InMotion Vs Dreamhost

At the very outset, you would note that InMotion is a more cost effective web hosting solution than Dreamhost. The starter plan of Dreamhost is almost double than that of InMotion. Besides, with InMotion you can scale up your plan depending on your requirements and there are various types of plans with different add-on features and facilities to choose form. Such a luxury is not available from Dreamhost.

First, let us look at the common features that both the web hosting companies have to offer. With standard plans you would get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub domains, POP3 accounts, email alias and auto responders. The two companies also offer free instant setup, free domain, free website templates and free website migration. There is not much difference in terms of standard features but because of the price advantage, InMotion does have a certain degree of leverage over Dreamhost.

Where InMotion outdoes Dream host are in the several associated features with their plans. InMotion offers a free site builder. If you were to develop a new site or redo your existing website then Dreamhost offers no major resources but with the free site builder from InMotion, your task may become simpler. Ecommerce has become integral to most websites today and InMotion offers features like the osCommerce Cart, ZenCart and Cube Cart. There is also Google Checkout which will come in very handy for companies operating ecommerce features on the website.

Besides, Dreamhost doesn’t offer merchant account support, something that any website needs to operate an online store or to ecommerce facilities on a site. InMotion has merchant account support in its plan. Also, InMotion provides website analytics with AWStats, takes instant backups and provides multiple hosting plan, none of which are in the offing from Dreamhost.
Review by Kirill KK

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InMotion vs BlueHost

InMotion vs Bluehost – Hosting Comparison – InMotion Review

InMotion vs Bluehost

Bluehost charges more for a standard plan than InMotion. Both the web hosting companies use Linux based servers and thus the price does make a difference right at the onset. InMotion also has a lot of plans in the offing among which you can choose the one you want. Bluehost doesn’t have a bunch of plans So you will have not too many options.

Let’s Compare

Both the web hosting companies offer some standard features in their starter plans. The common features that both the web hosting companies have to offer are unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub domains, POP3 accounts, email alias and auto responders. The two companies also offer free site builder, free instant setup and free domain. You get telephone support, round the clock server monitoring, ticket system and a user guide from both the webhosts but InMotion also offers a collection of video tutorials, something that Bluehost doesn’t offer.


There are two very useful features that InMotion provides but Bluehost misses out on. The two are free website templates and free website migration. While free website templates can be overlooked because you may get your own designer to develop a website but free website migration is certainly a desirable feature, one that you cannot do without. You may have a website with another host or you may wish to switch your website to another new host. In such cases, the free website migration facility will help you to do this without any hassles or expenses. InMotion clearly offer you the leverage that Bluehost fails to.

Anything else?

InMotion also emerges as a more popular choice with features like merchant account support for ecommerce features, Google checkout and a money back guarantee, none of which are offered by Bluehost.
So our vote goes to InMotion as a more reliable hosting offering more features for the same amount of money!
Review by Kirill KK

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InMotion vs RackSpace

InMotion vs RackSpace – Hosting Comparison – InMotion Review

InMotion vs RackSpace

The comparison of InMotion Vs Rackspace doesn’t necessarily become contentious or hotly debated because the latter doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure and basic service deliverables to become a potential choice as a webhost.

First, Rackspace doesn’t make it obvious if they offer shared hosting or managed hosting. InMotion offers dedicated hosting, which is something Rackspace doesn’t provide. The starter plans of InMotion offer more than 20% greater bandwidth and almost double the disk space than what Rackspace provides. InMotion operates on Linux based servers which is the industry standard. Rackspace uses Windows based servers.

Second, in terms of supported tools and additional features, Rackspace offers virtually nothing in comparison to InMotion. Rackspace doesn’t support MySQL database or PHPMyAdmin and PHP server language. Rackspace doesn’t offer DNS Administration, Systems Info, Usage Statistics or a cPanel. Whether or not the servers of Rackspace are based in North America is also not known. InMotion provides all these support tools and additional features with distinct disclosures on backup policies, usage statistics and website analytics.

Rackspace has had several issues with their customer service, which as per most companies that have used their plans, is not available most of the time. Rackspace doesn’t offer or disclose any details of name servers or any such technical information that as a company, you ought to know about your webhost. There are no templates, site builders, free site migration tools or state of the art features on your website.
InMotion has established credentials and a trusted brand is a better option than one that hasn’t been able to make its presence felt. Unless you want to indulge in blind experimentation, InMotion is the obvious choice vis-à-vis Rackspace.
Review by Kirill KK

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InMotion vs JustHost

InMotion vs JustHost – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

When looking for the best hosting options, it can be difficult to know where to start. InMotion and JustHost are two services that have many features and excellent uptime guarantees. So which one is better?


InMotion has a lot of experience and praise from big companies and reviewers who have used their service. Over the years, InMotion has certainly secured their spot among the top hosting companies and service rankings. With 24/7 technical and customer support, they bring a great deal to their clients, including amazing technical support, a wide selection of tools, and user forums. While it is true that JustHost brings in paralell support, it is almost entirely and exclusively run on Linux, limiting themselves to an exclusive group of clients.

InMotion has a lot of add-ons and features that include great email protection services against spam and provides excellent domain security. There is even an option in the cPanel that allows clients to provide extra security to their accounts. With unlimited space and traffic, you will never have to worry about long down periods.


Of the two companies, JustHost is cheaper by about $3 dollars a month. However, JustHost does not provide virtual private servers nor do they have dedicated servers. This is a very important feature that InMotion does provide because it allows for multiple levels of hosting and packages, allowing a client’s company room for expansion and growth.

Money Back Guarantee

Additionally, InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee while JustHost is pro-rated only. This is important with any hosting service because if at any point a client is unsatisfied with their service, they have a right to their money back. With a pro-rated only money-back guarantee you have to pay for the time you have used the service even if you are dissatisfied.

There are a lot of similarities between the two companies, but clearly InMotion’s age and experience outweigh a smaller discount from JustHost. It is clear to see from InMotion’s customer satisfaction reports that they take great care of their customers and go any length to provide the best unlimited bandwidth and data plans that they can, and always put the customer first.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs JustHost

InMotion vs WebHostingHub

InMotion vs WebHostingHub – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

Both InMotion and WebHostingHub are some well known brand names in the hosting industry. If you compare InMotion vs WebHostingHub, you will find many similarities, but also some important differences that can help guide your decision as to which hosting company would be the best suited for your needs, whether you plan to build a personal page or a site for your business. Here are some elements of their service that we can compare:


For shared web hosting, InMotion has three plans, called Launch, Power and Pro. The Launch plan is $5.99 per month, the Power costs $7.99 per month and Pro is $13.99 per month. The main difference between InMotion’s three plans is the number of websites you can host on one account. Launch allows two, Power six and Pro lets you have 25 sites.

WebHostingHub has a very simple plan that lets you host an unlimited amount of websites for $4.99 per month if you sign up for 36 months.


InMotion offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for their shared hosting services. With WebHostingHub, the uptime guarantee is a bit less, being 99%. As far as reliability is concerned, InMotion comes up slightly ahead, as they use business class hardware and have structured their data center in a way to provide the highest possible amount of bandwidth for their servers through multiple redundant connections to the Internet.

Customer Service

Both InMotion and WebHostingHub offer 24x7x365 US based technical support that can be reached by phone, live chat or email. Both companies have a community support discussion forum that can provide some helpful information if you want to figure out how to use a specific feature or if you’re experiencing problems. However, InMotion’s support is usually a lot faster to answer the phone and the knowledge base on their site is much better organized.

Available Features

If you compare InMotion vs WebHostingHub, you will see that they offer a similar set of features for their hosting, such as spam protection, various scripts and apps that can be used to develop a website (Joomla, WordPress, e-commerce shopping carts, etc.) However, InMotion has a more powerful website builder and also offers you the possibility to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server hosting plan if you outgrow their shared hosting service.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs WebHostingHub

InMotion vs LiquidWeb

InMotion vs LiquidWeb – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

There are so many different web hosting services floating around, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. There are a lot of criteria to look at, and while some may only matter in certain situations (running a business website or a personal website, etc) there are some that should be taken into consideration regardless such as price, the quality of customer service, and the host’s uptime. InMotion and LiquidWeb are two popular, competing hosts, but which is best?

InMotion’s hosting starts at $7.99 per month a, depending on what features you choose. LiquidWeb on the other hand starts at $14.95. InMotion is clearly the winner when it comes to price.

LiquidWeb’s most expensive plan only allows you 40GB of disk space and 320GB of bandwidth. Having a website won’t do you much good if it runs out of bandwidth! InMotion gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all of its plans and thanks to their superior level of uptime, people will have a far easier time reaching your site.

InMotion offers customer support via phone, email, chat, and an online community where a response is guaranteed in 60 minutes (8am-9pm Monday-Friday) on every plan! LiquidWeb only guarantees a response time if you’re on one of the more expensive plans.

InMotion also offers free advertising credits with its hosting plans meaning you can get the word out about your site easier and cheaper than ever before! With other hosts you have to find and pay for your own advertising from the start.

InMotion is definitely the best choice for anyone’s web hosting needs.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs LiquidWeb

InMotion vs Arvixe

InMotion vs Arvixe – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

Both individuals and businesses who wish to establish a strong online presence are on the lookout for the best web hosting service available. However, with so many options from which to choose, selecting the best in the industry is often a complicated process, especially for internet novices and fledgling businesses. Here, we will contrast and compare two Linux-based web hosting companies – Arvixe LLC, and InMotion.


Both of these web hosting companies share a lot of favorable and useful features in common. For example, both offer unlimited amounts of bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub-domains, POP3 accounts, email aliases and auto-responders. Each company also provides around-the-clock live support via telephone or live chat, server monitoring at any time of day, powerful protection against unwanted spamming, instant data backups and such freebies as domain registrations, website builders and instant setups.


Although InMotion’s $5.95 monthly hosting cost is slightly higher than Arvixe’s $4.00 per month, InMotion offers a number of features that Arvixe lacks, such as an online forum system in addition to 24-hour support via telephone and web chat as well as a broader range of support for application and scripts. Case in point, Arvixe doesn’t have support for Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, b2evolution, WordPress or Shockwave, but InMotion does, which alone indicates that despite paying nearly $2 per month for hosting with InMotion than with Arvixe, website owners get so much more in return. As such, though Arvixe and InMotion are evenly matched in terms of features, support and reliability, without a doubt, InMotion has the edge when it comes to overall performance.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs Arvixe

InMotion vs IXWebHosting

InMotion vs IXWebHosting – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

For individuals and businesses that want to establish their own web presence, finding the best possible web hosting service is an absolute must. However, with a plethora of companies offering numerous hosting plans, finding the best one is no easy task. In fact, it actually can be both confusing and daunting. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at two popular Linux web hosting services, InMotion and IX WebHosting, and see how they measure up when compared side by side.

Hosting Features

Both InMotion and IX WebHosting are rated highly by users, since both share many handy features in common. Both guarantee 99.9% uptime, provide powerful software to guard email accounts against unwanted spam. Both offer free domains with site builders and instant setups at no extra charge. There also are a lot of inexhaustible things that come with a web hosting plan from each company, such as disk space, backups, bandwidth, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, POP3 accounts, e-mail aliases, auto responders, sub-domains, add-on domains, hosted domains and parked domains. In addition, each company offers user guides, video tutorials and 24-hour server monitoring and telephone support.


However, InMotion offers an appreciably broader range of customer service options, with an online FAQ list and 24-hour webchat in addition to support via telephone. InMotion’s e-commerce package is also far more substantial, containing options for dedicated IP, shared SSL, open PGP/GPG encryption, merchant account support and Google Checkout whereas IX WebHosting offers only dedicated IP and shared SSL. InMotion’s range of application and scripting support is also wider, as it enables Python, GD, streaming audio and video, Shockwave, Joomla, Mambo, Moodle and b2evolution, which IX WebHosting does not.
Although InMotion’s $5.95 average monthly price is $2 than that of IX WebHosting, it is fair to say that InMotion offers a whole lot more, especially in terms of customer service, e-commerce and application support, thus clearly making it the better of the two choices.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs LiquidWeb

InMotion vs Amazon

InMotion vs Amazon – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

inmotion vs amazonIf you are looking for a service to host your website or blog for you, you’ve probably heard of Amazon Web Services, and you might even be tempted to sign up for their service because they have a free hosting package. It’s important to do your homework first though, because most companies and individuals will outgrow the Amazon Web Services free package very quickly, and then you’ll be looking at upgrading to an Amazon paid package.

Amazon Web Hosting

Amazon web hosting, once you’ve outgrown the free package, works on a transaction based charge system. Amazon charges 2.9% plus 30 cents for transactions over $10. You also need to factor in the cost of support, because although Amazon Web Services offers 24/7 expert support, it isn’t free. It costs $45 a month to get support for your basic Amazon package. From there, support fees are again charged on a transaction based system, meaning that the ultimate cost you will pay each month is difficult to predict ahead of time.

InMotion Web Hosting

In contrast to the difficult to understand Amazon Web Services pricing system, everything at InMotion is upfront and user friendly. There are no hidden fees or cancellation penalties, just honest hosting. Business hosting for basic websites and personalized email starts at only $5.99 a month. VPS hosting for high growth business and high-traffic websites is $29.99 a month. If you need a dedicated server big, high traffic site, you can get it from InMotion for $119.99 a month. Their packages include a free domain with existing transfer available, free data backups, the fastest and most reliable hardware available and industry leading 90 day guarantee.

All hosting plans come with 100% free support that offers five ways for you to get your support questions answered: phone, live chat, email, online tutorials and community based Q and A. InMotion has been leading the industry for 12 years and won over 70 awards for their excellent service.

Reseller Hosting

InMotion also offers reseller hosting so you can start your own hosting business. The package includes unlimited sites for only $13.99-$27.49 a month, depending on the package you need. The basic package includes 60GB of disk space and 600GB/month of bandwidth. All of the reseller hosting packages include free billing software, free domain reseller, free backups, free auto installer, IMAP, POP and SMTP email. The reseller hosting package also comes with the 90 day guarantee.

inmotion or amazon

WebHostingHub vs

webhostinghub vs web.comWeb hosting is increasingly becoming popular for those who want to start to build on online presence at an affordable approach. Hosting is the most affordable option to building websites, and many people are turning to it. No wonder why web hosting companies have emerged rapidly. Now, you have overwhelming options to which hosting service to choose. The WebHostingHub VS is two of the most talked about hosting service recently. Below is the comparison of WebHostingHub vs and how you can benefit from them.


Web Hosting Hub gives you reliability and great speed due to its approach in managing servers and network structure. The hosting service features a Website Builder, free domain name, secure email, easy to sue control panel, shared SSL certificate, and ecommerce tools.
If security is your concern, then WebHostingHub is definitely for you. The hosting service uses suPHP on its servers. The PHP module the hosting service uses has improved security through implanting advanced permission systems. To help clients get started with their website, the company offers free services as well as bonuses.

The main reason why clients choose WebHostingHub is that of offers more than 505 discount for first time clients. If it’s your first time to use WebHostingHub, you can sign up for only $47.88 per year. This is quite affordable compared to other hosting services out there.

On top of that, the company tops most hosting review sites for its excellent customer support. The Hub has adapted the good practice of customer service from InMotion Hosting, and offers excellent customer support in technical and sales aspects.

If you don’t like the performance of the hosting service, the company offers 90 days full refund guarantee for your money. This offer allows you to cancel your account and get your money back within 90 days. Hosting companies that offer this guarantee are rare, which proves the WebHostingHub is confident on their service. is among the highest rated web hosting service provider these days and slowly getting at the top of hosting reviews websites. The best thing that makes the choice of customers is that its web hosting packages offers powerful features as well as tools that you can use not just to build new websites, but also define existing websites, popular programming, FTP accounts, and blogging. The hosting service also ensures 99/9% uptime guarantee, and reviews have proven that. offers reliable and scalable hosting services. He company’s full-features hosting package can be acquired for UNIX users. These packages also include huge amount of disk space, high capacity email storage, and unlimited data transfer.’s features include the following:

• FTP Access

• Reliable Uptime

• Easy to Use Website Builder

• One-Click Install WordPress Blog

• Numerous Open Source Applications

• Ample Disk Space

• Site Restore Automatic Backup

• Extensive Program Language Support

• Define Existing Domains

In addition to these features, packages include a free domain, various free open source applications, and excellent customer support – all these for an extremely affordable rate.