Bluehost Vs FatCow

bluehostvsfatcowBluehost and FatCow are both regarded as cheap webhosting solutions and are among the better webhosts on the market today. FatCow has a few starter plans that are cheaper than the primary plan of Bluehost but those starter or basic plans do not offer unlimited features or even the basic features that any website would need. The plan of FatCow that offers the basic or bare minimum features which are expected today is priced similarly to that of Bluehost. Trying to assess Bluehost Vs FatCow in regards to price is thus a futile exercise.

BlueHost Vs FatCow

There are many similarities in the plans of Bluehost and FatCow. Both of them provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub domains, POP3 accounts, email aliases and auto responders. The two also offer a free site builder, free instant setup and real time customer support.


Beyond the basic unlimited and support features, Bluehost offers a free domain which FatCow doesn’t. Any webmaster or company would want such a feature in the plan. Domains do not cost a fortune but when a webhost includes the price of a domain name in its plan and when that plan is priced similarly to that of another webhost then certainly the former would be a more desirable option. FatCow charges additionally if you have to book a new domain for your website or emails. Bluehost also provides free private SSL which FatCow doesn’t.

Thinking e-commerce?

FatCow is not an option if you wish to develop an ecommerce site. Given the penchant among companies to have ecommerce sites, even if your company doesn’t need to build an online store in its truest sense, you may still need to have some ecommerce features. If you need an ecommerce site then you need features and tools like dedicated IP, osCommerce cart, cube cart, agora cart and open PGP and GPG encryption. All these are provided by Bluehost and none of these are in the offing from FatCow. There are quite a few email features that Bluehost provides but FatCow doesn’t, for instance mail forwarding and IMAP support.

So which one is better?

All these features go on to make a huge difference and become a decisive factor for most companies in favor of Bluehost. Besides, Bluehost offers the much needed cPanel and search engine submission which are features that no company or website can do without given complete administrative control and the total dominance of search engine optimization today.

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