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bluehostvsgreengeeksWeb hosting is extremely important to anyone who has a communication platform online. There are several companies that you can choose from that offer web hosting services. One factor that most people overlook is planning for the future. You may have minimal web hosting needs at present but you should always anticipate that your business may grow. Factoring this into the equation of choosing the right company will save you time and money.
Two of the best web hosting companies are Bluehost and Greengeeks. They have been ranked in various articles as the top companies. Bluehost vs Greengeeks focuses on several points that play a huge role in helping you decide which company among them is the best.

What are the differences?

Bluehost has years of experience on shared web hosting service. It has millions of clients and thousands of servers. Greengeeks, on the other hand, is the best eco-friendly web hosting company. Web hosting is fully powered by wind energy.


Both companies have some beneficial features that most people look for. They offer a free site builder and unlimited domains and bandwidth. In addition, they provide access to an autoresponder and give out free domains for the duration of your account with them.

Bluehost has been offering these services for a longer duration than Greengeeks. They have a proven track record which is a big advantage. They have reliable serves with an uptime percentage of over 99% and they have their own data centers. Furthermore, they utilize an effective power backup strategy to ensure that your website is still running even if there is a power outage. Greengeeks is not as efficient as Bluehost.

Customer Service

Good customer support is vital for any company that offers web hosting services. Things may go wrong at any time. It is important that as a customer you can get in touch with someone who will help you to find the best way of dealing with a problem. Bluehost has staff that is qualified and fully equipped to deal with clients, answer questions and troubleshoot any difficulties.

Both companies have several avenues that customers can contact them on. These include phones, forums, email, Live Chat, and tutorials. These give clients a variety of options to choose from which is good because a person can pick the most favorable one. A Bluehost vs Greengeeks comparison shows that both of the companies offer services that will benefit your business. However, Bluehost is better than Greengeeks.

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