Bluehost vs Hostmonster

bluehostvshostmonsterMost people are not aware of the fact that Bluehost and Hostmonster are owned by the same company. The data centre is the same and they share one management team. The infrastructure structures are also typically all the same. If you go a step further to do a Bluehost vs Hostmonster comparison, you will notice that the features they offer are also similar.

Bluehost vs Hostmonster

Even though they are owned by the same company they still have some small differences. Bluehost is well known in the US and a lot of effort has been put into promoting it. Bluehost is better that Hostmonster based on several things.
Bluehost offers more hosting options. This means you can upgrade the hosting package if your site receives more traffic. It is immensely beneficial for a growing business. People who anticipate that there company will grow in future are highly advised to opt for Bluehost.


Bluehost has established itself as a better brand. A better brand means better protection. If anything happens chances are high that clients on Bluehost will be catered to first, before the company focuses on Hostmonster. It is always recommended to get services from a bigger brand.
The aspect of pricing is important. Getting web hosting services from Hostmonster is cheaper. The rates are lower than that of Bluehost. The issue of pricing is, however, not fixed because there are several factors that may change the charges.


The sites usually offer discounts to customers. The discounts result to big savings. The percentages given vary. You should visit both sites rather than assuming that Hostmonster is usually cheaper. You should check whether they are running any promo codes. This will guarantee that you will save a substantial amount of money.
Bluehost is better as compared to Hostmonster. Its proven track record and numerous reviews have made it the web hosting company of choice for a large number of people. It gets over 20,000 new customers on a monthly basis and it hosts millions of domains. It is reliable and stable hence giving clients their value for money.

Which one do I choose for my website?

You should always invest in a good company that will meet your goals. A Bluehost vs Hostmonster comparison shows that they are similar in many aspects basically because they are owned by the same individual. However, the slight differences are important and should not be overlooked. You should always select a web hosting company that is guaranteed to deliver quality services that will meet your objectives.

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