WebHostingHub v/s HostGator

webhostinghub vs hostgatorThe comparison between WebHostingHub and HostGator has always been there in the market and the website owners are always in the dilemma when it comes to choosing between the two. However, there are certain facts that make them prefer WebHostingHub to HostGator. A few points of WebHostingHub v/s HostGator comparison is listed below:


Both the web hosts give their customers a discount on their first contract and increase the price at the time of renewal. HostGator has three price categories under the name of Hatchling, Baby and business. The price of HostGator Baby is approximately sixty percent higher than WebHostingHub, which is a considerable amount of price difference. Though the Hatchling price is close to WebHostingHub, the overall cost difference is very high.

Performance and Reliability

The WebHostingHub has connected its head office with four different service providers in order to ensure that best service is provided to their customers. It uses smart routing technology with the help of which the working is instantly shifted to service providers in case one of them is down. They have all the new important technologies, which has given them the reputation they have now. On the other hand, HostGator uses Softlayer for the data connection and has become its largest customer. The clients get to work through the web host that is the best in the lot. However, the comparison between the two hosts shows that HostGator is approximately 53 percent slower than WebHostingHub.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for a company, as it shows the success of the company reliability to the people as well. Comparison between WebHostingHub v/s HostGator clearly shows a drastic difference in terms of customer satisfaction. The study of the customers of HostGator shows that around 58 percent of the clients got their contract cancelled with it within three months. Apart from that, only 36 percent of the customers got their contract renewed. On the other hand, the cancellation in WebHostingHub was just 6 percent in the first three months of the contract and the renewal of the contract was as high as 89 percent. The clients got their contracts renewed despite the renewal prices being high. This shows that the customer satisfaction of WebHostingHub is higher and so are the services. Apart from that, the reviews for WebHostingHub has received around 500 reviews from verified customers and the customer satisfaction rate is 97.9 percent so far.

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