WebHostingHub vs Hostmonster

webhostinghub vs HostmonsterAre you among those people who are looking for web hosting providers that offer quality and efficient web hosting services? Then you should consider reading this article where you can know more about WebHostingHub vs hostmonster. These two are among the famous and reputable web hosting providers worldwide. They provide users the best web hosting services that exceeds many others.

Many people are wondering on which of the two are much more ideal and efficient when it comes to functionality, speed, pricing, performance and capabilities. Actually both of them have a lot in common that only few are known differences. Both these popular web hosting providers come with so many essential features that are very effective when it comes to building websites. These two are well capable of providing web hosting services that are vital in building the foundation of a website. So, both of them are ideal yet it will always depend on the preference and requirements of the user.

Webhostinghub Vs Hostmonster Differences In Price

Webhostinghub and Hostmonster have different prices. Webhostinghub has 3 options when it comes to prices which are 1 year plan that cost $3.99 per month, 2 year plan you get to choose from $1.95 for 3 months then $3.99 per month, 3 year plan which is the same with the 2 year plan and offers a 90 days money back guarantee. While Hostmonster has also 3 options such as their 1 year plan that cost $5.95 per month, 2 year plan that cost $4.95 per month and their 3 year plan that cost $3.95 per month.

Hostmonsters offers a 30 days money back guarantee. When it comes to price Webhostinghub and Hostmonster has variations which makes Webhostinghub cheaper and a cost effective option.

Webhostinghub Vs Hostmonsters Similarities And Differences

Both companies offer rich features and are efficient when it comes to functionality. These famous two have a lot in common such as unlimited domain hosting, one free domain name, unlimited email accounts, unlimited space and bandwidth as well as easy to use cPanel that makes these two exceptional. Among the similarities of these two top web hosting provider they support some scripts such as ROR, CGI-BIN, Python, Perl, PHP5 and many more other scripts. Besides their similarities they have also their differences which are Hostmonsters provides unlimited add on domains while the Webhostinghub don’t, Webhostinghub provides unlimited MySQL databases while Hostmonster offers different databases which is postgreSQL that offers also unlimited MySQL. These two are very similar between branded and non-branded items. Though Hostmonster has greater cost yet this amazing web hosting provider has a lot to offer which suits its price.

Summary Of Webhostinghub Vs Hostmonster

Webhostinghub is a cost effective web hosting provider that is ideal for those that are price conscious. But if you are among those people who disregard the price of an item then you should go for Hostmonsters, because Hostmonsters has so much to offer compared to Webhostinghub which makes these two different from each other. But if you are aiming for a smart choice, then you should go for WebHostingHub for it has the ideal set of options for you to choose from.

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