Review of InMotion by Industry Experts

InMotion Review by Expert

With so many options available today when it comes to web hosting, it can very easily be overwhelming when trying to decide which service will meet your website’s specific needs. While many services spend much of their time trying to sell niche features to get your attention, in then end a good web host first covers the basics when it comes to bandwidth, uptime, technical support, and server-side user features.

Inmotion Main Features

Thankfully the bevy of options InMotion Hosting offers can satisfy the demands of almost any business or personal website project. Their introductory plans start at a very reasonable monthly rate while still providing valuable features to the user such as support to host multiple websites on one account, free data backupssecure IMAP email, and 24/7/365 technical support, all under the umbrella of unlimited monthly transfer bandwidth and disk storage. To top it off, even a free domain name registration is included with their standard packages.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

They also offers higher bandwidth hosting services to clients with larger throughput needs. While their basic plans should provide more than enough hardware to service basic business websites, users who expect their site to grow rapidly, or plan on integrating high-bandwidth or dynamic kinds of content should look more closely at InMotion’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting plans. Their VPS plans offers greater control of the hardware on the back end, allowing the client to tailor their hosting package to their project’s specific needs. InMotion’s VPS hosting service also allows for multiple IP addresses per account, along with different levels of RAID 10 fault tolerant disk space to keep your online data secure.

While InMotion’s VPS service offers a virtual slice of a complete independent hardware server, their dedicated hosting plans step that up to provide a complete high-performance web server that hosts your sites exclusively. This provides obvious benefits in terms of both control and performance. All of InMotion’s dedicated server plans offer hardware boasting state of the art Intel processors with multiple cores and hyper-threading to ensure smooth performance even at peak bandwidth hours.

More Features

The flexibility InMotion offers in their selection of hosting plans is refreshing because it makes it easier to tailor their plans to a website’s specific needs. In addition to this, the features that they offer coupled with their 99.9% guaranteed up time make them a compelling choice regardless of a website’s specific demands. A full license to cPanel allows for complete backend control of files and email, without having to resort to clunky third party software. They also provide several tools to help design, create, and publish websites from scratch, without needing an extensive knowledge of coding or programming to get started. In addition, they also have integrated tools that allow for one-click installation of hundreds of popular PHP and mySQL applications including secure shopping cart apps like PrestaShop and OpenCart.

So is it worth it?

InMotion has been in the hosting business for over a decade and throughout that time has shown professionalism and reliability that distinguishes them from gimmicky bargain hosts that tend to put more focus on fluff rather than features. Hosting more than anything is about reliable uptime and lag-free performance. InMotion’s reliability since 2001 speaks for itself, and their hardware provides the horsepower needed to smoothly run nearly any kind of website. Having convincingly checked those two most important boxes, InMotion also gives their clients several integrated tools that prove useful in both setting up and maintaining websites over the long haul. Highly recommended.

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