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InMotion vs Arvixe – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

Both individuals and businesses who wish to establish a strong online presence are on the lookout for the best web hosting service available. However, with so many options from which to choose, selecting the best in the industry is often a complicated process, especially for internet novices and fledgling businesses. Here, we will contrast and compare two Linux-based web hosting companies – Arvixe LLC, and InMotion.


Both of these web hosting companies share a lot of favorable and useful features in common. For example, both offer unlimited amounts of bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub-domains, POP3 accounts, email aliases and auto-responders. Each company also provides around-the-clock live support via telephone or live chat, server monitoring at any time of day, powerful protection against unwanted spamming, instant data backups and such freebies as domain registrations, website builders and instant setups.


Although InMotion’s $5.95 monthly hosting cost is slightly higher than Arvixe’s $4.00 per month, InMotion offers a number of features that Arvixe lacks, such as an online forum system in addition to 24-hour support via telephone and web chat as well as a broader range of support for application and scripts. Case in point, Arvixe doesn’t have support for Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, b2evolution, WordPress or Shockwave, but InMotion does, which alone indicates that despite paying nearly $2 per month for hosting with InMotion than with Arvixe, website owners get so much more in return. As such, though Arvixe and InMotion are evenly matched in terms of features, support and reliability, without a doubt, InMotion has the edge when it comes to overall performance.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs Arvixe

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