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InMotion vs DreamHost – Hosting Comparison – InMotion Review

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A website is integral to a company’s existence. With unprecedented dependence on internet marketing, online sales, online reputation and customer service, a company’s website needs to be state of the art, unique and it must be available all the time. The functioning of a website is entirely dependent on a webhosting company. Should you choose the right web hosting company, you will save money, have a plethora of features supporting your website, emails and the availability of your website at all times along with its ability to handle traffic will never be a concern.

Since there are many webhosting companies and various types of plans, you may find it difficult to make a choice. Here is a comprehensive InMotion Vs Dreamhost analysis to help you choose the better between the two.

InMotion Vs Dreamhost

At the very outset, you would note that InMotion is a more cost effective web hosting solution than Dreamhost. The starter plan of Dreamhost is almost double than that of InMotion. Besides, with InMotion you can scale up your plan depending on your requirements and there are various types of plans with different add-on features and facilities to choose form. Such a luxury is not available from Dreamhost.

First, let us look at the common features that both the web hosting companies have to offer. With standard plans you would get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, add-on domains, parked domains, sub domains, POP3 accounts, email alias and auto responders. The two companies also offer free instant setup, free domain, free website templates and free website migration. There is not much difference in terms of standard features but because of the price advantage, InMotion does have a certain degree of leverage over Dreamhost.

Where InMotion outdoes Dream host are in the several associated features with their plans. InMotion offers a free site builder. If you were to develop a new site or redo your existing website then Dreamhost offers no major resources but with the free site builder from InMotion, your task may become simpler. Ecommerce has become integral to most websites today and InMotion offers features like the osCommerce Cart, ZenCart and Cube Cart. There is also Google Checkout which will come in very handy for companies operating ecommerce features on the website.

Besides, Dreamhost doesn’t offer merchant account support, something that any website needs to operate an online store or to ecommerce facilities on a site. InMotion has merchant account support in its plan. Also, InMotion provides website analytics with AWStats, takes instant backups and provides multiple hosting plan, none of which are in the offing from Dreamhost.
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