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Inmotion and Godaddy have both been in the web hosting market for so long that their services are unparallel though go daddy is a bigger name, inmotion has given it a ran for its money literally and this is why;  though both have cheaper services for hosting your online website only inmotion can be trusted to support your online store effectively.

Is there a big difference?

In motion servers are monitored round the clock and are very reliable since they use the Unix and linux which are very fast. They also have excellent customer service that is very helpful especially to those who are in the initial stage of using their service.

Inmotion vs. godaddy hosting services are incomparable. Inmotion hosting gives you direct access to MySQL servers which is a bit tricky in godaddy.

Important Features

The statistical tools proved by inmotion hosting Awstart and webalizer are of great help when checking on your website statistics compared to Godaddy’s that are not that effective.

Inmotion has numerous data centre which guarantees higher service provision and ensures higher speed. To stamp proof their excellent services, amazing customer support and its availability always it has received certifications and thumbs up from CNET and BBB. It also provides a wide range of services, the value class starter, max and basic all at affordable prices.


Inmotion offers cPanel which is a tool that simplifies administration of a website and makes it easier for beginners to use to run their web hosting accounts.

Inmotion site builder application enables customers to design, create their website to their own taste. It is also very easy to use.


Inmotion vs. Goddady and prices differ greatly. Inmotion provides a cheap way to market your products online by using its ecommerce platform. This feature enables one to create and run an online store smoothly.

Goddady though is not a push over as it provides unlimited bandwidth, offers quality word press auto installation thus saving time. It is also respected for integrating its products well. Its security also is top notch. Its hosting also is current on the latest technology. However, it cannot match the services of Inmotion.

Nothing is totally error free hence inmotion has its own drawbacks which are few when compared to Godaddy. The business class hosting users can only host a few domains and all new customers must verify their purchase by using phone. To customers living out outside the United States it is expensive and inconvenient due to time difference.

So What’s the Verdict?

Inmotion hosting is affordable, has great customer service, reliable speed, amazing applications and statistical tools, excellent after sale service, 90 days full refund policy, reliable servers, spam safe email and much more.

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Kirill KK

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