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Inmotion web hosting is a veteran in the market and has been recognized by many market experts like CNET as a reliable hosting firm. With a focus on business hosting, they offer a variety of plans for different business sizes. Hostmonster is a newer hosting company with a concentration on small businesses and individuals. They offer low prices with an all-inclusive package but there is a cap on the size of the collective databases that may be easy to exceed. When it comes to inmotion vs hostmonster there are some factors that need to be examined before making a decision.


The basic package that Hostmonster offers is “a bit like a hermit crab’s first shell,” says the website TopTenReviews, “small and functional. It gets the job done.” It’s certainly not a bad place to start but there’s a good chance that, down the road, a growing business is going to find itself in need of an upgrade due to space restrictions Hostmonster has written into their plans.


One of the main problems with the Hostmonster service is its database size cap. Though the service they offer is touted as having unlimited data, this isn’t exactly the case. Up to 100 MySQL databases with a limit of 1,000 tables in each is allowed but no one database may exceed 2 GB and the combination of all databases cannot go over 3 GB. For text only storage, this will probably be enough but storing other media type like, say, images or video, is going to eat that space up quickly.

Evaluating inmotion vs hostmonster before making a commitment reveals the major shortcoming of Hostmonster being its database size cap. Inmotion offers unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, the ability for two websites to be hosted on one account, free domain name or domain transfer included, and a 24/7 support team to help with any issues. The inotion vs hostmonster debate isn’t a particularly difficult one when looked at carefully.

So which one is better?

With their 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, access to a wide range of free tools and software, and high reliability inmotion is an excellent choice for businesses of many sizes to choose. When it comes to the inmotion vs hostmonster choice, inmotion wins out time and time again for its truly unlimited space and bandwidth services as well as its reliable up time and focus on customer service.

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