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InMotion vs LiquidWeb – Compare Hostings – InMotion Review

There are so many different web hosting services floating around, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. There are a lot of criteria to look at, and while some may only matter in certain situations (running a business website or a personal website, etc) there are some that should be taken into consideration regardless such as price, the quality of customer service, and the host’s uptime. InMotion and LiquidWeb are two popular, competing hosts, but which is best?

InMotion’s hosting starts at $7.99 per month a, depending on what features you choose. LiquidWeb on the other hand starts at $14.95. InMotion is clearly the winner when it comes to price.

LiquidWeb’s most expensive plan only allows you 40GB of disk space and 320GB of bandwidth. Having a website won’t do you much good if it runs out of bandwidth! InMotion gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all of its plans and thanks to their superior level of uptime, people will have a far easier time reaching your site.

InMotion offers customer support via phone, email, chat, and an online community where a response is guaranteed in 60 minutes (8am-9pm Monday-Friday) on every plan! LiquidWeb only guarantees a response time if you’re on one of the more expensive plans.

InMotion also offers free advertising credits with its hosting plans meaning you can get the word out about your site easier and cheaper than ever before! With other hosts you have to find and pay for your own advertising from the start.

InMotion is definitely the best choice for anyone’s web hosting needs.
Review by Kirill KK

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inmotion vs LiquidWeb

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