InMotion vs RackSpace

InMotion vs RackSpace – Hosting Comparison – InMotion Review

InMotion vs RackSpace

The comparison of InMotion Vs Rackspace doesn’t necessarily become contentious or hotly debated because the latter doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure and basic service deliverables to become a potential choice as a webhost.

First, Rackspace doesn’t make it obvious if they offer shared hosting or managed hosting. InMotion offers dedicated hosting, which is something Rackspace doesn’t provide. The starter plans of InMotion offer more than 20% greater bandwidth and almost double the disk space than what Rackspace provides. InMotion operates on Linux based servers which is the industry standard. Rackspace uses Windows based servers.

Second, in terms of supported tools and additional features, Rackspace offers virtually nothing in comparison to InMotion. Rackspace doesn’t support MySQL database or PHPMyAdmin and PHP server language. Rackspace doesn’t offer DNS Administration, Systems Info, Usage Statistics or a cPanel. Whether or not the servers of Rackspace are based in North America is also not known. InMotion provides all these support tools and additional features with distinct disclosures on backup policies, usage statistics and website analytics.

Rackspace has had several issues with their customer service, which as per most companies that have used their plans, is not available most of the time. Rackspace doesn’t offer or disclose any details of name servers or any such technical information that as a company, you ought to know about your webhost. There are no templates, site builders, free site migration tools or state of the art features on your website.
InMotion has established credentials and a trusted brand is a better option than one that hasn’t been able to make its presence felt. Unless you want to indulge in blind experimentation, InMotion is the obvious choice vis-à-vis Rackspace.
Review by Kirill KK

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