WebHostingHub vs LiquidWeb

webhostinghub vs liquidwebWeb hosting has become increasingly popular and the most sought after service by those who want to make their website more accessible by users on the internet. But, with the overwhelming webhosting companies out there, it can be very confusing to choose which company to host your website. This WebHostingHub VS LiquidWeb comparison can help you compare which company is the best.


Although WebHostingHub is new in the web hosting industry, the company has gained popularity among customers. The company is a renowned provider of solid service to both small business and personal websites. One of the many reasons why clients choose WebHostingHub is that the company offers exciting features at affordable price.


• Access to more advanced security systems that support SYUPHP.

• Free domain registration and transfer.

• Free wed ads

• Access to a premium website builder

In addition to these features, the company offers real time support to customers. You can contact WebHostingHub through phone, live chat, or email. If you’re not aware where to begin with, you can visit the company’s official website and access the hosting guide for free. You can also access video tutorials and articles to help you in your web hosting endeavors.

The regular rate for WebHostingHub is $4.95, which is quite affordable for starters. If you want to access the premium package, you will need to pay more. But, this rate is a lot cheaper compared to web hosting packages offered by other companies.


LiquidWEb offers a vast variety of hosting plans that fit to any need. Whether you’re installing a CMS suing Drupal, starting a blog with WordPress, starting an e-commerce store, or opening a forum with PHPBB, LiquidWeb expert web hosting plans can fit the bill. LiquidWeb expert hosting accounts include the following:

• MySQL Databases (Unlimited)

• E-Mail Accounts (Unlimited)

• Mailing Lists (Unlimited)

• Perl, C++, PHP5, Python

• Full CGI Access

• Add-on Domains

• Free SSL

• Virtual FTP Accounts

• SSH Secure Shell Access

• Nightly Backups

• Detailed Website Statistics

LiquidWeb offers 4 hosting packages – standard, webmaster, professional, and semi-dedicated. With standard hosting package, clients are about to pay nearly $15 per month and get to start a forum, blog, or build a website. Clients can also get the LiquidWeb Heroic Support, the company’s signature in customer service.

As for the webmaster package, it comes with 3 domain names for free as well as huge storage space to hosting multiple websites. The package features 200GB transfer bandwidth, 20GB SSD disk space, 3 free domain names, and Heroic Support. The professional package comes with an IP address and a huge storage space. Some exciting features of the package include 5 free domain names, 40GB SSD disk space, and 320GB transfer bandwidth.

Finally, the semi-dedicated hosting package offers ample RAM and CPU resources. Some of its features include 40GB SSD disk space, 40GB SSD disk space, 3GB RAM, and Burstable to 2 CPU Cores.

Now that you have compared WebHostingHub VS LiquidWeb, it’s up to you to decide which web hosting company can provide the service that you need.

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