WebHostingHub vs Rackspace

webhostinghub vs rackspaceLooking for a WebHostingHub VS RackSpace review? This article will enable you to compare the two webhosting companies.

The WebHostingHub is considered as the easiest approach to getting online presence for personal websites and small business websites. The hosting company offers you with a website builder, easy to control panel, and WordPress along with amazing support.

On the other hand, the RackSpace is a loud web hosting powered by OpenStack allowing you to have control over where to host your data without vendor lock-in. It also allows you to run the RackSpace Cloud in your data center, in the company’s data center, or in any data center. You have the opportunity to run the metal hardware in order to meet your performance and compliance needs.

WebHostingHub Benefits

WebHostingHub offers its clients with almost 99% uptime guarantee. The company’s support team provides support 24/7 ensuring that you can get the support that you need. If you choose WebHostingHub to host your website, you will get a hosting solution that you need. The hosting plan offers you with unlimited resources, which allows you to host unlimited domain bandwidth and space.

The hosting plan that the company offers is great for those who do not want to worry about resources allocations and monthly quota.


• Free Domain Name

• Secure Mail

• CPanel

• Shared SSL Certificate

• Ecommerce Tools

• Free Site Builder

With WebHostingHub, you can create a personal or small business page easily. All plans that the company offers include the Site Builder Tool that is powerful, yet easy to use. This feature is suitable for making websites that are very complex.


Rackspace cloud storage offers good support to its clients. The hosting company can provide you the right tools that you need for building almost anything in the web. From building innovative apps to improving your online store website, you will enjoy the flexibility and scalability of Cloud storage along with Rackspace Fanatical Support.

The Private Cloud

When you choose Rackspace as your web hosting provider, you can access the private cloud. This is a scalable environment built purely for your business. You can utilize the Openstack based public cloud to host in your own data center, at Rackspace facility, or on your partner’s data center.

The Hybrid Cloud

If you’re a person that requires elasticity and flexibility, the hybrid cloud is for you. This feature has enhanced performance characteristics and security dedicated to hosting. This allows you to connect the tow cloud databases.

Manage Cloud

Rackspace knows that your resources and time are valuable. With this hosting company, you can spend these resources and time focusing on your business. The company’s trained cloud experts will help you manage your Cloud account as well as look at its infrastructure allowing you to concentrate your efforts on growing your business.

Fanatical Support

Finally, Rackspace is known in the hosting industry as the company that provides fanatical support. Rackspace fanatical support will give you support that you need at the time you require it the most. On top of that, the standard rates of the hosting service are affordable.

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