WebHostingHub vs Startlogic

webhostinghub vs startlogicWeb hosting is the most affordable alternative to owning a website, and many people are turning to it to make an online venture. This is the primary reasons why many web hosting companies has emerged in the hosting industry. There are many different kinds of web hosting services available these days such as shared web hosting, free web hosting, dedicated hosting service, virtual dedicated server, clustered hosting, home server, and cloud hosting to name a few. Each of these hosting services has its unique feature and deemed appropriate for everyone with specific needs. Two the most popular hosting companies these days are the WebHostingHub vs Startlogic hosting company.


Web Hosting Hub is fairly new in the hosting industry, but it has received so many awards and tops the list of hosting review websites. The company is operated by experts with over ten years of experience in web hosting industry.

WebHostingHub offers an all-in-one hosting service specifically designed for small business and personal website owners. The hosting service features reliability, easy to use control pane, speed, multiple domains, and terrific customer service. From $6.99 a month, the standard rate of WebHostingHub is now 3.99 a month, which is quite affordable. For those who sign up for the plan for life, you can get 1 free domain, free $75 Yahoo/Bing advertising credit and free $75 Google Adwords credit.
The 24/7 customer service that the hosting company offers is terrific. In addition, the company’s support staffs are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to giving a hand to clients with queries about the hosting service.
For $3.00 per month, you can host multiple domains as well as get 1 free domain. You can manage multiple sites using a single hosting account. The company guarantees 99.9% uptime ensuring that you can have a worry free hosting experience.


Startlogic is among the top rated hosting service boasting robust functionality and affordable, comprehensive hosting packages. The 3 different hosting packages that Startlogic offers appeal to a huge group of customers. The hosting service starts from various price points and then includes various levels of functionality.

Startlogic starter plan comes with an array of features such as 600GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and 25 GB disk space. The hosting service other packages has been improved in terms of performance, offering both unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
The hosting service also brings brimming features set including an easy to use control panel for streamlined and easy website management. Site builder feature allows you to build websites with easy to navigate structure, yet professional looking.
The hosting service provider uses vDeck. This is a control panel, which is not popular in web hosting realm. Clients claim that it’s more cumbersome and complex than competing applications. Although some reviews claim that the control panel of sites is hard to navigate, Startlogic offers decent customer support options. For those who are new to web hosting, you can ensure that the 24/7 support team of the company is available at the time you need them the most. You can contact them through phone, email, or live chat.

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