WebHostingHub vs iPage

webhostinghub vs ipageA webmaster’s hosting provider should provide them with a great experience. They should be inexpensive, robust, and most importantly, reliable. It’s this reason why webmasters are encouraged to research their options before choosing their web host, as it’s the viability of their website that’s most affected by web hosting services.

How can a webmaster find the right web host? A webmaster can find their web host by making simple comparisons between website hosting providers of their choice. Today, we’re going to compare two of the more popular options on today’s market: WebHostingHub vsiPage.

WebHostingHub features

WebHostingHub is a sister brand of fellow web hosting provider InMotion, started in 2006. Since then, the hosting provider has developed a reputation for providing web hosting services for personal and small business webmasters. WebHostingHub offers more features to seasoned webmasters, compatible with many closed and open source web technologies and software.

In fact, software like WordPressJoomla and Drupal are compatible with their web services, making it a great platform for web designers and developers. WebHostingHub costs around $5-6 per month for their tiered plans, priced according to the length of the corresponding subscriptions. They commonly offer discounts on their plans, starting from about $3 per month for their basic subscription.

iPage features

iPage, relaunched in 2009, is more or less designed for less seasoned webmasters. Their services and features allow less technically-minded people to publish their web assets and content on a separate web hosting platform. The web hosting provider offers the usual set of features for webmasters, including website builder, email options and other website building tools. iPage doesn’t, however, offer full compatibility with web technologies and software like WordPress.

Their subscription plans are relatively competitively priced, starting around $3 per month for the most basic plan, reaching around $2 per month when discounted. iPage is, as mentioned, designed for the average consumer, making it a common option for people needing simple web hosting.

WebHostingHub vs iPage

If you’re just starting out, iPage may be the better option. Their web hosting and building features are more geared toward beginners looking for a bargain-priced web host. Webmasters are likely to get more out of WebHostingHub in the long run.

For competitive prices, WebHostingHub offers better compatibility and reliable hosting options for people starting out and even experimenting. Webmasters should get the most out of their money, so WebHostingHub is considered the better deal, thanks to that.

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