WebHostingHub vs IXWebHosting

webhostinghub vs ixwebhostingWhen choosing web hosting services from WebHostingHub vs ixwebhosting to host business websites, majority have definitely no idea what company is the best choice especially for all the similarities these hosting services have. In order to eliminate your bewilderment, here is a comparison between these two different companies from different aspects including price, plans, uptime, speed, features, as well as technical support.

Both ixwebhosting and WebHostingHub offer quality web hosting service and customer support.
WebhostingHub provides one solid web hosting plan while ixwebhosting offers a host of various types and levels of plans. Marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers will definitely benefit more when they choose WebHostingHub since it can offer them unlimited capacity feature. On the other hand, ixwebhosting is more ideal to business websites as well as webmasters that need to expand or upgrade.

Ixwebhosting Discussed

Ixwebhosting offers two vps hosting packages – x8 linus and x4 linux. Their prices start at 74.95 and 97.95 per month. It’s quite obvious that the company’s hosting plans are expensive compared to other web hosting companies. And when it comes to features, ixwebhosting is offering basic features that are essential for hosting vps websites. One good thing in this company is their hosting performance for they guarantee 99.9 percent uptime for their clients and this is because they are using excellent and high end web servers. But compared to other hosting providers like WebHostingHub, ixwebhosting is slower when it comes to response time.

There’s no doubt about it, ixwebhosting is a competitive web hosting company with its rich features as well as responsive customer support. But if you consider about speed and price, it is advisable that you think through it before you choose this company as your first choice.

The Best of WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub started business on 2002 and they have established and excellent reputation and credibility in the web hosting industry and all this is because of their excellence in operating and rendering service to their clients. They have a A+ BBB rating and this is surely a good thing and the best sign that they are indeed one great choice when it comes to web hosting service. Their data center is located in Los Angeles, CA.
One of the many things that people favored with WebHostingHub is their price. Well, their web hosting service is being offered with reasonable and compelling price but they never sacrifice quality. And that’s a very good thing – you get to choose from 3.99 dollars to 10.99 dollars a month. Not just that, you also get to choose unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, and unlimited storage as well not to mention that they host numerous domains. Most web hosting companies offer 30 days money back guarantee but that’s not the case with WebHostingHub for they are offering a 90-day money back guarantee. Isn’t that cool? With them, you also get to enjoy free extras like 100 dollars ‘Google Adwords’ credit, 75 dollars Bing or Yahoo! Advertising credit, 75 dollars free clicks on Amazon ads, and business listing in YP.com.

These are just some of the best features that WebHostingHub offers, actually there’s more for you to consider! WebHostingHub vs ixwebhosting? You choose!

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